We hope you enjoy using the site! We built it because it didn’t exist yet and it we knew it would make life so much easier, both for event-goers and event promoters:

Helping Event Goers Discover New Favourites With Better Search Filters:

We wanted to help event-goers in terms of discovery and searching for exactly what they want, be it the type of food, hot showers, posh bogs, the type of music, how to pay, deals, somewhere they can re-enter and stay in an hotel, or whatever….! Having more detail at our fingertips makes it easy for us all to discover brand new events we know we’d love as much as our existing favourites! Great for us event-goers, and great for event promoters who therefore sell more tickets! Super!

Helping Event Promoters Showcase Every Carefully Thought-Out Detail:

We also wanted to help the incredible people behind all of these events, often independents, who give so very much of themselves to putting these fantastic events together for us all to enjoy! 

It’s often hard to dig out the million little details that really ‘MAKE’ an event from an event’s web page – stuff like which food will there be, which amenities? Can I bring the dog, etc!

Sometimes getting someone to your event website in the -first place- is a big enough job! We partner with a stable of brilliant city entertainment magazines going out in key UK locations, as well as publishing our own beautiful printed magazines dedicated to what’s going on with Festivals – ensuring Festival Magazine is very much out there with event lovers looking for the best of what’s on!

For event promoters, we wanted to use our resources to showcase as much detail as possible about your events by making them searchable, and giving plenty of space / methods for you to showcase your info.

Helping All Of Us: Info-Packed Listings, With Videos, Audio, Artwork, Embeds, Etc – Plus Links To Buy Tickets Online, And Maps With Handy, Printable Directions:

Finally, we wanted to give events the chance to upload as much info, videos, audio and artwork as possible! Having worked alongside festivals and key events for a decade, we know the great care and passion that these events invest in preparing amazing artwork, videos, and playlists – all to help communicate exactly what their event’s about, and make buying event tickets as easy as poss for all of us event-lovers! 

Thanks Everyone!

Thanks so much for helping us support all of these brilliant events by buying tickets and giving them your patronage! 

Event promoters:
Whichever type of event, indie or not, we know how much hard work and dedication goes into event promoting; thank you all so much for what you do to give all of us event-lovers so much fun, so many benefits and so much great choice! 

Get In Touch With Festival Magazine

The site’s fairly new, so we’re pleased to welcome your thoughts, feedback & ideas (& obvs if you spot any probs or mistakes!)

Or even if you just want to say hi, or you’re happy the site’s here – whether you’re an event-goer or event promoter, please do get in touch, we’d be so happy to hear from you!

Get in touch here!

Big Love,
Festival Magazine xx


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